The Need for Emotional and Physical Healing
  • We need to restore our Spirit to accept Jesus Christ as our only Saviour, to have Eternal life and to be part of the Kingdom of God.
  • We need to have wholeness in our Soul to be able to control our Soul, and to let Jesus heal our deepest wounds to restore our emotions and intellect.
  • We need to restore our body and make it Holy “because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”.
  • We need to help women who are suffering in the workplace with the many obstacles in their lives and we need to be there for them. As Jesus sent his disciples, we need to go out there and be disciples of the kingdom of God and help to restore many souls.
Wholeness and true ‘life-balance’ must therefore include restoration and healing in all parts of our Being.

It is important to remember that Jesus is the Healer and the only way to have Salvation is through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This is the beginning: to start from today to build a relationship with God. At the place of our problems, we need to remember that we are not alone, and that God’s love for us is constant and unconditional. If we are being threatened by people, or by a difficult situation, it is hard to sense the reality of this. It takes courage, discipline and trust.

There are any ways the Business Women Healing Ministry can address these needs through: meetings, coaching, seminars, on a one-on-one basis, and Inner Healing.
Lord, I am not worthy to receive you
but only say the word and I shall be healed


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