1. The Vision
That every business, executive, professional or working women will:
  • Have the chance to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Be encouraged to overcome fear, Anxiety, Timidity, Abuse, Hurt, and to become a living letter of Christ in the workplace or business
  • Become an Ambassador of Christ, to be able to minister to others by offering help when need it
  • Become a witness to other women and form a discipleship.
2. The Mission
To establish Cell Groups for Business Women Healing Ministry (BWHM) in the heart of every city in Australia in order to:
  • Provide a formal framework and disciplined approach to support the process of Inner Healing for Business women
  • Provide assistance for prayers requests and one-on-one coaching (mentoring)
  • Depending on the problem or the need the Cell Groups can also provide referral to Christian Psychologists, Christian Counsellors, Christian Doctors, DOCS, Christian Lawyers and other Christian specialists.
3. Guidelines
  • Cell Groups will operate within church or Christian community groups who provide a Healing Ministry, which ideally includes clergy and/or lay people who are experienced and gifted to pray with others to receive healing
  • At this point in time, BWHM will only establish Cells within existing healing ministries that are capable of supporting the Cells, i.e. it is not the intent at present for BWHM to offer training to establish general Healing Ministries
  • Initially, church leaders and community elders will be approached to share the vision, and to provide referrals to existing and potential Healing Ministries
  • Subsequently the vision and mission of BWHM will be shared with the Healing Ministry groups, either individually or in a forum, and negotiations commenced for the establishment of BWHM Cell Groups
  • A coordinator must be appointed for each Cell Group to provide a central point of contact and distribution of notices and prayer requests
  • Network prayer groups should also be established to support the Cell Groups in each city: this should be included in all levels of negotiation – it is essential to have regular and ‘at-call’ prayer support for the Cells to be effective
  • Additional contacts may also be obtained from church databases (with permission from the pastor or the priest), and from Christian business directories
  • Professional contacts for referrals need to be approached in order to let them understand the Cell Groups’ mission and why women may be referred to them; a professional contact can not be used for referral until their informed permission is obtained
  • Cell Group members should actively pray for and seek out women who are in distress, and encourage them to use the Group as a (volunteer) service – note it is not the intent that these women should necessarily ‘join’ the Group (although that may happen over the lifetime of the Group), but that they should come along and receive Christ’s blessings and restoration through the ministrations of the Group
  • The BWHM Cells do not replace a general Healing Ceremony in a church or community group; it is intended specifically for Business Women who wish to get together, attend a talk, and share their issues and experiences in confidence in a group under the umbrella of a Christian community or church.
4. Possible Format for Cell Group Meetings
A sample lunchtime session.
When: First ... of each month at Lunch time from 12.00pm til 12:45pm
Venue: Preferably close to work
Provide finger food or sandwiches with tea and coffee - some donations may go towards the food.
12:00pm – Registration and a welcoming word from the Host
12:10pm – 12:30pm Guest Speaker: (relevant topic and recognised speaker)
12.30pm – 12.40pm Discussion, reading of some biblical passages plus hearing testimonies from guests if they wish to.
12.40pm – prayer time and close
Private coaching and appointments can be made separately.
A coordinator is responsible for maintaining contact and providing a central prayer point of contact.
5. Privacy and Assurance
Women’s privacy will be assured:
  • Business and professional women feel comfortable with women from the similar occupations
  • It is an opportunity to journey into the lives of women, the challenges they face, the hurdles they overcome, and how their lives speak to us as 21st century women
  • It will allow women to be strengthened and in their walk with God, and connect with a whole tribe of other amazing women along the way.
6. Values and Principles
The Business Women Healing Ministry is a non-profit organisation that espouses:
  • Mutual trust
  • Humility
  • Authenticity
  • Challenge
  • Encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to Biblical Integrity
  • Non-denominational
  • Encourement of all members and guests’ involvement in their own local churches.
Lord, I am not worthy to receive you
but only say the word and I shall be healed


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Sydney, Australia
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